Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ho Ho Ho to Ha Ha Ha

Some people love Christmas, some dread it, some ignore it all together. As much as I enjoy Christmas, there are days when the "chore" part overtakes the joyful, giving part. Hey, I'm only human.

Over the years the morning DJs I listen to on the way to work have slipped in an um...unusual song to their "Sounds of the Season" play list. The first time I heard it, I almost drove off the road laughing. Especially the light guy. I understand his pain.

Is this song irreverent? Yes. Is it often true? Oh yeah. Is it funny? Hilarious, depending on your family members. Judge for yourself. I'm use to just listening to the song, but someone went and added beloved Disney characters for a video version. Walt Disney is probably spinning in his grave. So remember, this is meant to give you a giggle, not knock the season.

NOTE: Evidently Disney rose from his grave as this joke clip has been removed from JibJab.

So if you want to hear this ditty, go to
this website where it's listed at #8. [the title is "The 12 Pains of Christmas"]. The website belongs to Bob Rivers, who wrote this song. There are several more...some which I haven't heard, so I don't know how offensive they might be. :)


Susan said...

AGH! Freakin' dialup slow connection; I had to google the lyrics.


Dave King said...

Great - thoug I, too, worry about Walt and what he's making of it.

hope said...

Sorry Susan! If you go back and google "audio 12 Pains of Christmas" there are several free downloads of that which wouldn't take as long. You really need to hear the "light guy" and his meltdown.

I know Dave...I almost didn't post it because I feared Disney would sneak up on me and smack me on the head. Oh well, Tinkerbell was mischievous, I'll say I'm channeling her. ;)