Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wow....November! Already?

I'm having one of those, "Wait a minute. Didn't I just do hubby's end of the month books and turn the page on that calendar?" moments. Maybe time does fly. Well I guess tonight it actually does. Backwards.

I have one of those internal clocks which finds Daylight Savings Time a giant annoyance. Almost as much as hearing poor hubby lament every year, "Why don't they just change it once and leave it alone!?"

The problem is, my body clock is too finely tuned. A comedian once sniped, "It's only an hour for crying out loud!" Sadly, my innards do not agree. It will take a week to adjust, mostly of waking up what has become too early, but I'll adjust. I look at it this way. At least for one week we all have, and accept, the excuse, "It's that coming off Daylight Savings Time that has me goofed up!" Oddly, that excuse is good for a myriad of sins and oversights.

So my fellow Americans, don't forget to "Fall back". I've discovered that rather than set the clocks back at bedtime, I just change them after I get up Sunday morning. Wow, time flies! I will think with a grin, my body adjusting at a relaxed pace. If you live elsewhere, thank your lucky stars that your government isn't still using this archaic system from WWII which was meant to give Rosie the Riveter an extra hour of daylight to make those planes.

No matter where you're from, firemen everywhere request that after you fix the clock, you change the batteries in your smoke alarm. Hey, it's easy to get all the drudgery out of the way at the same time so you can concentrate on all the family gatherings...and edible goodies... yet to come.

And if I may make a suggestion to the future American President....kindly put Daylight Savings Time to bed. Permanently. Or else I'm sending hubby to help you change your clocks.


Poetikat said...

"They" (who ARE they, anyway?) say that it takes about 5 days to adjust. It usually takes me about two weeks. However, it is far more detrimental in the Spring and I do look forward to the extra hour's sleep.


Susan said...

What a great last line, ROFL!

Ireland changes clocks too, but we did it last week. One of the Irish bloggers had an excellent complaint about it: when this nonsense began, homes only had one clock to change. Now we all have a dozen or more electronics, from laptops to cell phones to microwaves which all want to tell us the time. It takes forever changing them all, and some of them are impossible to work out how to change, so you're looking at the wrong time half the year.


hope said...

We use to fall back the last Sunday in October until the stupid politicians messed with we start earlier too. The are-you-kidding-me?! part of all this was politicians declaring the change to an extended time was an "energy conservation measure". Really? How about the safety of sending kids out into the dark to catch a school bus? Oh, that's right. Kids can't vote. [Insert rolling eyes here].

Kat, if I find "They", hubby can take care of them as soon as he finishes, I mean changing, the clocks of politicians. ;)