Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday's another 300 or so


Monday was the saga of the root canal and fainting filling. Yesterday my employer added the bad news which illustrates that county government is not immune to budget cuts. We receive some funding from the State, which has cut it's budget. Twice. Yesterday we were advised we would be furloughed for 4 days. Translation, "Hey, you get an extra day off during the holidays! Um, now here's where we mention we take your pay for that extra day."

In order to be "fair" they broke the 4 days up so we wouldn't be hit so hard. Now we'll get an "extra day off" during our Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's breaks, then again at Memorial Day. That's three paychecks in a row reduced by one day. In this economy, that hurts. The worst part? That it has to occur during the holiday season, when most people experience a tight personal economy.

Ho, Ho, Ho! Sigh.

When I got home, I fired up the computer and began to read blogs. They make me happy. They're free. [Well, if you don't count the cost of Internet service]. My invisible friends cheered me up. Thanks invisible friends! One went above and beyond. That would be Dave King, who bestowed upon me not one but FOUR awards for my blog. Turns out writing isn't just cheaper than an shrink, it's sometimes actually enjoyed by people other than the author. I felt guilty taking all four, so I picked two. You can go to his website to pick up all four.

[NOTE: since this is the work computer, it refused to highlight all the names/links, even though they're here. Just click on the name to see their blog].

Dave's request was simple: that I pass the awards on to at least four deserving souls whose work I appreciate and whom I visit frequently. In that spirit, I pass them on to these 5 individuals, with 2 "Honorable mentions"...meaning I was going to name them but Dave beat me to it! :)

The first goes to Shug, without whom I would never have come in contact with so many nice, invisible people! My curiosity kicked in about all things Scottish and I stumbled upon his site. Not only do I enjoy his poetry, he has a sense of humor I can embrace, plus he's one helluva professor when I have questions. Thank you, kind sir.

Shug led me to Rachel and Ken, who are my "Honorable Mentions". Both make me smile for different reasons and I enjoy their creativity. Thanks for brightening my day!

Next goes to Susan, who makes me wonder if we were somehow separated at birth. If not, perhaps we will find each other in the branches of our family trees. I admire Susan not only as a writer, but as a Mom who finds time for all the people in her life. I still want a piece of cake, though.

The last two are folks I've just begun to read recently, but their sense of humor and way of looking at life make me laugh some days...and moves me on others. So Radge, I honor you for those days when you tell the most touching stories, filled with nostalgia and warm sentiment. Thanks for sharing. You know, when I was a kid, I always wanted red hair. ;) And to the newest blog which Moooves me in a most non-dangerous manner would be MooDog .

I wanted to add a number five. I've read Matthew Urdan's site for a while but the one I'm honoring/linking is his latest creation. It's timely and a good way to keep an eye on things.

Like Dave, for those of you I've chosen to pass on this fun, I hope you pass it on to four more. But it's not mandatory. That's the best thing about kindness: you share it from your heart, no strings attached.

And it's immune to budget cuts.


Susan said...

Your piece of cake is waiting here, anytime!

You deserve an award very well: thank you for sharing it with me!

Radge said...

My first ever award! Probably my only one too so I'm going to revel in it and celebrate with a nice cup of tea.

Many thanks Hope, it's warmly appreciated. Terence will be very happy too, but he'd be better mention me in his speech. Twas myself that told him to put his enviable wit to the interweb. If he denies it I'll shun him forever in the pub!

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Thanks Hope! I'm very gratified with the acclaim that Inside Government is getting. And I appreciate the awards very much. Thanks for thinking of us.

Rachel Fox said...

Invisible friends! My daughter has a whole gang of them (including their families!) perhaps we have more in common than it seems, she and I!

Dave King said...

Sorry to hear about your pay cuts. Always a bad business. Everyone's looking over their shoulders just now, I guess. Let's hope things pick up before they begin to bite too deeply.

Terence McDanger said...

Cough. Cough. Is this mic on?

Well of course there's a number of people I'd like to thank. Well one person, that I'd like to thank many times over.

This person, is of course the Blogfather of Radge. For he is wonderful.

And I know he'll be more uncomfortable with me being nice to him than if I just ripped the piss out of him like I usually do.

My psychology is in reverse.

Thanks to you too hope, nice to know the MooDog makes you smile.

shug said...

Thank you kindlingly. I shall wear it with pride.

Radge said...

Chilling, Terence, chilling.