Sunday, November 9, 2008

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Here's my Thanksgiving cactus, busting out in all it's glory! It's loaded with buds on the back side as well. Mom gave it to us for our first Thanksgiving in this house. That was 12 years ago! Amazing what the correct window and Miracle Grow fertilizer can do.

The rocking chair belonged to my paternal Grandmother. We always referred to it as "the Swan's Neck rocker". If you look closely, you can see that the arms of the chair are actually elegant swans. It was my favorite chair as a kid because it's built so low to the ground. Wasn't often I could sit in a rocker and have my feet touch the floor! Even now. :)

Here's one more close up. Enjoy!
Hope each of you has a wonderful week!

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Susan said...

It's lovely! I didn't know cacti could be so pretty.

I love flowers but I'm the Grim Reaper of houseplants; half of them even die on the way home, and don't even give me a chance to kill them. It's nice to see yours looking so beautiful...I'll enjoy it from way over back here!