Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As I Hum the 7 Dwarfs Song...

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to vote I go. I'll stand in line, try not to whine, Hi Ho. Hi Ho.

Every election I think of my Dad. Although I know he was secretly proud the day that I, his first born and a senior in high school, announced I was a newly registered voter, he sighed. Loudly. First he had fears about allowing 18 year olds to make decisions concerning taxes when most of them didn't pay any. He wasn't sure we would comprehend the ramifications of the decisions we'd be ask to make....that they could come back to bite us ten years down the road. "Change" is not a new concept. Neither is a father's fears for his children's future.

Then he added, "It's not bad enough your mother cancels out my vote, now I have you to contend with."

I came up with every logical idea I could, including the one where I would be working while going to college, therefore would be contributing to the tax pool. I'm the curious one, I reminded him. The one who wants to know why, who'll take the time to look at issues from all sides and go looking for information if I don't understand. He smiled and I thought I'd proven my worth.

I had, but not the way I imagined.

No, Dad smiled and said, "Well, your Mom might cancel out my vote, but I've got a 50-50 chance you might actually vote like me."

Dad's probably smiling down from heaven today. Because, although I didn't plan it this way, I think I'm about to go to the polls....and cancel out Mom's vote. :)


Poetikat said...

Charming post - and a refreshing take on what's about to go down.
I am consistently at loggerheads with my mother over Canadian politics - then I again, I am consistently at loggerheads with my mother, full stop.

Hope - Thanks for signing on to follow me. I'd love it if you'd take some time to check out my alternate blog, "Poetikat's Blasts From the Past" as well.


hope said...

It wasn't so bad actually...35 minutes from start to finish. Granted, I live in a rural community and small precinct but I'm usually voter #12 after polls have been open half a day. Today I was #197 and it wasn't 11 a.m. yet

I'm going to check your other blog now. Thanks for joining me here!

Susan said...

This was an amazing election all around: congratulations on voting in it, and on getting through it without the long showdown we've endured in previous elections.

I was traveling through European airports on election day, and everyone's thoughts were with US voters it seemed; conversations about it were everywhere. How's everyone today, after the euphoria, disappointment, and excitement are over? Do your family and friends have an election hangover?

hope said...

Since I had to work today, I was asleep before the totals came in...although I'm sure Mom stayed up until the newscasters signed off. :)

Mom asked this morning if I was happy with the result and I replied I'm cautiously optimistic. However, ANYONE is better than he who resides in the White House currently. I imagine most people can't wait for him to vacate.