Sunday, October 19, 2008

You Move, You Lose

Today it's finally starting to feel like autumn! Early this week the high temperature of 85 broke a 19 year record for an October temperature.

I admit it. I love sweaters! It wasn't all THAT cold today, about 65 degrees, but in the house it was a little cooler so I used it as an excuse to slip into a sweater.

We were watching a DVD today {Ironman} and it was a little nippy inside. So I threw an afghan over my legs to watch. The dogs took advantage of the cooler temperatures to do some major napping...not bad until they begin to snore. Bou sounds like a 300 lb. lumberjack while Smokey snores less enthusiastically.

When the movie was over, I tossed aside the afghan and took a bathroom break. When I returned, I found that when you move, you really do lose.

Smokey didn't just get up on the couch and steal my warm spot...

he backed under the afghan and was snoring merrily when I returned.
I retreated to the rocking chair.

If you ever have to come back as an animal, Smokey would be my choice of mentor.


Susan said...

What a photo! What a happy dog. I love it.

hope said...

That dog even knows when I go to bed! Hubby says Smokey will watch down the hall to see if I go in the bathroom. He takes that as an indication that I'm not returning and steals my spot!

His "kid" Bou is starting to do the same. The other night I was up later than normal and Bou came over, stared at me, then took his nose and began pushing my arm off the armrest. I guess he thought the direct approach was better. :)

Matthew S. Urdan said...

That's hysterical, Hope... My childhood dog, Buffy, didn't steal afghans, but she would pick up the mat my mom crocheted for her, put it in the sun shining through the windows and plop down on it. As the sun moved throughout the day, Buffy would get up, drag her mat to the sun coming in the windows, and plop down and snooze. It was fun being home sick from school and watching her do this all morning and afternoon.

Dogs DO have a life when we're not around during the day...even if it is just sun-worshiping.