Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday's Word


Which was my immediate reaction to last night's Presidential debate. I didn't last five minutes before turning the channel. Does that make me a bad American? An unconcerned voter? No, it makes me a fed up human being.

Perhaps before the next debate, someone can get out a dictionary and show McCain and Obama that debate is a two sided discussion, not an exercise in verbal finger pointing where every sentence begins, "That other guy said...".

I don't care what HE said. I want to know what YOU plan to do if you get the job.

Can you imagine going to a job interview and peppering your prospective employer with phrases like, "Well HE didn't do so well at his last job." "I understand SHE isn't everything she's cracked up to be."?

So gentlemen....can either of you tell me what type of job you'd actually do if given the opportunity?

If not, then perhaps you should look for work elsewhere.

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