Friday, October 10, 2008

Very Interesting

I've seen two presidential campaign signs so far. None in the country where most of my commute takes place. Why? Because those folks go to the polls to show their support rather than add litter to their own front yards. There are plenty of signs springing up in the city where I work, although most of them appear to be for local candidates. I'd seen one for McCain. Today I saw one for Obama.

Sure, when candidates stick to the traditional Red, White and Blue theme, there isn't a whole lot you can do in the area of eye catching. Jimmy Carter may have won using a green and white sign, but his presidency seemed to be punished for having stepped outside the traditional. "campaign color scheme". Although I wasn't looking for it, I found a slightly Freudian message in the McCain/Obama signs which silently commented on the candidates' philosophy of self importance.

McCain's name appears above Palin's, both in white lettering on a blue background. I thought it was a nice artistic touch that the thin line which separates their names has a star at the mid point, making it appear at a glance to read "McCain and Palin".

Obama's name appears in white at the top of his blue sign. Directly beneath his name is "Biden". However Biden's name is in a blue which is about two shades lighter than the background. At first glance, Biden's name is all but invisible.


Who am I voting for? I can't tell you. I live in the country, remember?

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Susan said...


I got an e-mail offering me a free campaign sign. I nearly replied and accepted, wondering if they would REALLY deliver it all the way to backwoods Ireland.

In this campaign, who knows? Elections get weirder every time, no matter how impossible that seems.