Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thanks, but no thanks

Okay guys, I tried EntreCard. It seemed like a good idea at the time and I thank Matt for all his least I know more about Blogger now. :)

Sadly, my computer doesn't like the taste of EntreCard and kept spitting it out in the form of refusing passwords. I did everything as instructed in the Troubleshooting Guide and nothing worked. I contacted them, they sent a VERY condescending e-mail telling me exactly what to do.

Right. I did all of that last night. Didn't work.

Oh I accessed it again this morning and it let me in. I thought maybe the computer had just needed its beauty sleep. I changed the password to one I can remember. I logged out. Went back later...same song and dance. Change a password, log out and the site gets amnesia where my computer is concerned. I suspect part of it is my anti-virus program, which is very picky about what it allows me to access and we've had many a fight over such. I don't need another headache and sadly this song and dance is bordering on migraine territory. You know, I don't mind someone pointing out the error of my ways but don't talk to me as if I'm a brain damaged two year old. My blog is my sanctuary and I don't want to be held hostage by another entity.

To those of you who enjoy EntreCard, I'm glad it's there for you. As for thanks.

Matt and Ken, I do appreciate your efforts and encouragement but I'll just have to keep visiting you the old fashion bookmark. And Matt, if you ever need a part time job, I think the guys at EntreCard could use your diplomacy. ;)


Susan said...

I don't have Entrecard either, and for me it was much the same reason: I don't need another thing to do, I don't want to remember another password, I don't want another learning curve. When I sat back to look at the benefits v. the effort, I said 'no' to a lot of blog widgets and social network things.

For months I loved reading my blogs in Google Reader, but now that's gone futzy on me too, deleting new posts before I get a chance to read them. So I might go back to an old-fashioned list of bookmarks myself! LOL It's all turning me into a technophobe...

hope said...

It's bad enough feeling out of your depth without someone rubbing it in. Sigh.

Thank heaven for bookmarks...they work FOR me, not against me. Which is why I can now instantly sprint over and check on Susan. :)

Dave King said...

I, too, have not had any great success with Entrecard. Mainly it hangs up and I don't get anywhere. No doubt it is something I am doing wrong. One day I may tumble to what it is!

Rachel Fox said...

I don't even know what book marks or entrecard are! I just click on the links on my blog page. Am I dark age blog girl or what?

hope said...

No, non-tech people like us keep the world in balance. :)