Friday, October 24, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Okay, it's a mild victory. Not even a large victory. But my hubby will no longer have to hear me say every time I turn on my computer, "Norton I HATE you!"

No, my computer is not named Norton. Actually it's Jack... which is a nickname. Yes. For that animal. But I digress.

I've had Symantec's Norton System Works for several years. When it was renewal time, I got the bright idea that I should improve and get Norton 360. Wrong. Oh, so wrong. After having it slow my computer to snail speed as well as question my every move, I proceeded to the Troubleshooting section. I followed all of the suggestions. After all, I can read and English is my first language. Nothing worked. This in turn led me to the mandatory exchange of e-mail with some computer geek in India who types English as a 3rd or 4th language. The problem, he explained, was that Norton 360 only likes IE and I prefer Mozilla Firefox.

In the war of human vs. computer, it is mandatory for the computer to win, no matter who paid for the software. I put down the white flag this morning.

I wanted to end my vacation on a happier note. My car is getting it's oil changed and a set of new spark plugs. I wanted to pay for something today that felt as if it were actually for me. So I made friends with a new computer geek in India whose name started with a "P", had 12 letters in between and ended with an "n". His English typing skills were much better, plus he did his homework. After telling me how to remove 360 and replace it with my old friend System Works, "P" noted that he'd found I still had 139 days on my subscription. Usually I would've waited until that had expired but the political season and those words of "change" and "maverick" just motivated me to move ahead and sneer at deadlines. It felt good. Therefore, my new Indian friend announced, as soon as I had removed/replaced, I should e-mail him so he could add those 139 days to my new subscription.

Finally, we speak the same language. Commerce is good.

Jack is happy, I am ecstatic and I'm sure hubby will appreciate not having his ears burned on a regular basis as I forget I am a genteel, southern lady. The world is right again, even if it's raining.

Thank you, P. I'm guessing your name is Indian for Politely Patient.

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Susan said...


Norton was the killing stroke for my poor old laptop. It took over 20 minutes for her to start up after that, and if I tried to really DO anything then (like open something?) she'd have a complete collapse. She didn't even have the strength to uninstall it, so *sniff* bye-bye.

Thank GOD. You should see my NEW laptop!

LOL I know how you feel about sometimes just needing to spend on yourself once in a while. Now I don't know how I stood the poor old one for so long.