Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's Your Job Too

I just finished watching the last installment of "Real Time with Bill Maher". If you've ever seen him, you know a little goes a long way. If you haven't...let's just say he use to be a "comedian," [he was more mean than funny], a truly lousy actor and now he believes himself to be a political pundit. He can be loud, rude, insulting and no one is any further left of Liberal. So why watch? His guests are an intriguing mix of personalities you don't expect to find in the same room, much less at the same table.

This episode featured actor Martin Short, Ben Affleck [who was listed as a Writer/Director] , Sen. Bernie Sanders from Vermont and a pollster named Frank who's evidently a regular but I missed his last name. I'll give Frank credit for not backing down when Maher literally got in his face. With a smile he said firmly, "Don't touch me Bill" when Maher tried the "buddy" move of hand on shoulder after insulting Frank for the third time.

Martin Short is a veteran of improv and it served him well on occasion. I'll have to admit that any comment he made which the audience didn't embrace came with the disclaimer, "Well, I'm from Canada you know." After a while he gave up talking and let Affleck and the Senator address the issues while deflecting Maher's vitriolic wit. You know what the most surprising thing was? Affleck was impressively informed and well spoken on the topic. He wasn't an "actor", he was a man who stood by his beliefs, even when Maher sniped and hissed. The Senator's common sense points didn't come across as a tired, well rehearsed speech. No, he got angry and describe the America we should be and how to accomplish it. Thomas Jefferson would've cheered. Affleck and the Senator shared the same belief: the average American is not stupid. John Q. Public understands politicians lie and have self serving agendas. [How do you know when a politician is lying? His lips move. Insert rim shot here]. It appears the current financial crisis has finally shaken some Americans awake...the ones who were asleep at the wheel because they believed that 30 second sound bite of "I'll take care of you" by the politician of their choice was actually the truth. Oh yeah we're awake...and we're not going to take it any more.

Americans are angry and rightfully so.

If the statistics bandied about are to be believed, 1% of Americans have more wealth than 50% of the "average" folk combined. The man/woman who comes to work, does their job well and strives for more are worse off than they were eight years ago. What's hard for most Americans to swallow is that greed ran rampant, loans were made to people who couldn't pay them back, Congress looked the other way and now all of America's citizens have to hand over money to fix a problem they did not create.

Or did they? How many of us are guilty by association....apathetically thinking the "other guy" would handle things?

The Senator brought up that point of view with a smile, stating that Americans should use their well deserved anger and ask the question they seem to forget after election day,"Hey Mr. Representative, what are you doing? Is it for the benefit of all of America or just your buddies?"

Such a simple concept and yet one that, sadly, most Americans never consider.

Election Day isn't the end. It's the beginning. After all the parties are over on Nov. 4th, it's time to roll up our collective sleeves and get to work. Not digging ditches or taking on part time jobs to make ends meet. Nope. Time to call, write, e-mail those people who are suppose to represent us and ask them, "Okay, what are you doing today? How will it make us a better nation? What can I do to help?"

Oh yeah. You're suppose to help your country. Even after Election Day.


Poetikat said...

Maher's film "Religulous" appalls me. As I said to my husband, I would pay NOT to see it!

His mother (if she's alive) must be sooo proud, don't you think?


hope said...

It's sad to say, but I could see someone leaving him on a doorstep and running away. :0

Tacoma Dumpster Diving said...


Bill had Rep. Sanders (I-VT) on Friday night... He says he is a Democratic Socialist. Claims he follows the Scandinavian countries' policies...

RESULT -- Audience cheers wildly...

FACT: Would Bill Mayer want to open up his property to people who want to camp on it in tents????


That is what happens in Norway... BY LAW YOUR LAND CAN BE USED BY ANYBODY....

Want to set up a tent on your neighbors land in the country -- you can!!!

Twelve percent of the land in the county is set aside as nature conservation areas, but backpacking and camping isn’t limited to park lands. Hikers roaming Nordland’s countryside take advantage of Norway’s lack of “trespassing” laws - one may walk or camp on any land which is not cultivated.


BTW - I am from Norway!!!!

Rachel Fox said...

I've never heard of him!