Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In My Defense

No, I'm not one of those childless people who dresses up her dog. For one thing Smokey weighs in at 85 lbs. and his son Bou is about 105 lbs....trust me, you don't put anything that size which can squirm AND bite into a situation they are very much against.

However, several years ago as a goof, I did a calendar for my husband's archery shop which featured pics of him and/or Smokey. It was such a hit the customers would take it off the wall and thumb through it, not content to wait for the next month to appear. It's become an annual tradition. One year I couldn't get the calendar kit until February and the customers pouted!

Generally I don't put anything human on Smokey. Well, there is the one picture of him in a fedora reminiscent of Indiana Jones, but that was part of an in-house joke. The joke was on Smokey however because when he moved, the hat slid to a more jaunty angle. Poor dog. That only gave me an idea.

So for the month of October, I got him to lie down in front of the gas log fireplace. Not a problem, he loves it there. Then I added a set of light up devil horns from some past Halloween stuff. He was most unhappy. It took several attempts and a stern, "No! Stay. No, I mean it. Sit still so we can get this over with!" Someone asked later on how I'd gotten this sweet dog to look so well...evil. I'm pretty sure it had to with him mulling over what he'd like to do to me. To this day if I pick up a camera and look at him, Smokey will find a reason for the next room to be more appealing for napping.

The next year, I used the same photo and spared him the shame and embarrassment. The year after that Bou was 2 and as Smokey's son, I decided it was his turn to wear the Halloween crown. This is exactly what he thought of the whole concept:

He was asleep when I put it on, slept through the picture and snored. Loudly.

Smokey sat by and watched, looking somewhere between irate and...jealous. After I took the horns off Bou, Smokey actually walked over and sat next to me. He looked at the horns, then looked at me. I told him we'd use the old photo. Thumping his tail in approval, he laid on the floor and put his head in my lap.

Who knew dogs could be divas?

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Susan said...

That's so funny!

We've got a big collie who walks around unknowingly collecting things on his big fluffiness. Today he had a banana sticker stuck to his ass and nobody would pull it off for him.

What's funny is he knoooows he's gorgeous and walks along so stuck up, not knowing the baby has stuck half her barrel-of-monkeys in his fur, or that when he sat down on my flowers outside, half of them came in with him on his tail.

Dogs are so funny; big dogs are best!