Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Um....did you HEAR that?

What WAS it?

No I'm not imagining things.
I just heard a spine chilling scream...
like a hysterical cackle.

There it goes again!

Sounds like there's more than one out there.
In the dark....waiting.

I am not being a chicken! I'm merely concerned that whatever is lurking out in that field will swoop down and harm our people...then WHO, I ask you, is going to feed us and take us for rides?

Chill out kid.
It's not Halloween's just coyotes.

Granted they do have the voices to create spine chilling, but as long as you don't mess with their food, you're in no danger.

No Kid, danger around here means one of 3 things: a trip to the Vet, running out of food, and [gasp]

Oh the inhumanity of man....soap and water.



Poetikat said...

This reminds me of a book I had as a child called, "Come Play With Me". It was all these amazing photographs of cats, dogs, puppies and kittens with a sweet little poem to go with each picture. Some of them were funny, some were poignant, others were wistful or rhetorical.

I still have the book. It's now over 40 years old!

Nice post!


hope said...

Thanks. The story is based in truth.

I was messing with the night vision setting on my camera last fall and Bou was being his laid back self in the driveway. Then the coyotes started howling...and when they started sounding closer, I was "done" playing. :) I have several shots of Bou, looking in both directions, as if expecting the Bowgie Man to come out of the field at any time. :)

Poetikat said...

Bou is a beautiful beast (I mean that in a nice way).

Our Blanche does the whole "poltergeist" thing. She stands in the middle of a room and looks at the ceiling as if there were some manifestation that we just can't see.

We have 4 cats, but I am always finding my husband on Petfinder or the Humane Society website, drooling over dogs. (I know what you're thinking!)

He would love to have one, but unfortunately we will have to wait for one or more of the felines to move on.