Saturday, September 6, 2008

This Week's Odds & Ends

This has been an odd week. The only consistency was that each day brought something different to the usual routine. Not all good, not all bad. So I ramble on.

Labor Day is not considered an actual holiday if you don't have to report to work, but feel the need to do the laundry anyway.

Just because you place single serve portions on a tray for the convenience of your seniors and to ensure everyone is served, doesn't mean they won't take more than one. :) I have some little old ladies who could out eat truck drivers.

Men are the stubbornest species. Exhibit A: Hubby didn't just throw back out this time, he herniated a disc. Exhibit B: A woman in such a condition would use her head and stay off her feet, ice down the back and let nature take it's course. Exhibit C: Hubby went the ice route....until he got bored, then hobbled out back to his archery shop because "it's my busiest season."

I completed my CERT {Community Emergency Response Team} training with my seniors on Wednesday. The Paramedic was shocked by some of their questions. While illustrating how to stop a severe leg wound by applying pressure to the femoral artery in the groin, the Paramedic stopped to answer a question. One of the men asked, with a straight face, "What if the guy took Viagra just before the disaster hit?" After recovering from shock himself, the Paramedic replied slowly, "Well...I'm guessing the blood flow has been um...diverted so you wouldn't need to apply as much pressure." Seems we taught the Paramedic that just because you're older doesn't make you dead or without a sense of humor.

You can't teach common sense....even if you pretty it up in a seminar and call it "Customer Service techniques." In this 3 hour course I learned [a] I didn't need to be there [b] I'm a lot more patient than my co-workers [c] I wasted 3 hours [d] my Supervisor didn't believe any of this applied to her; I had two questions to ask her...she answered the first, then turned her back as I was phrasing the second.

Friday really is the best day of the week because you get to go home.

Unfortunately this is Saturday. The good news is Tropical Storm Hanna threw a little rain in our direction and moved on. The bad news is I'm back doing laundry. Hope your weekend is more fulfilling...or at least fun.

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