Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fish Tales

This one's for Ken, who was impressed that hubby fished with a bow and arrow. Yeah, I know. Past tense. But after a few birthdays, it's harder to stand up in a boat all night without your knees complaining and your back groaning. Then again, when you fall out of a tree stand because your buddy claimed to fix it but forgot to....well, that's another story.

This is an older photo but one of my favorites. Hubby and his partner, he of the tree stand fiasco, won the State Bowfishing Tournament that year and were lining up the catfish in order of size. The guys thought the fish looked like they were grinning.

Me? I think maybe they were singing the blues.


Ken Armstrong said...

I think they're humming that duelling banjo theme from 'Deliverance'. :)

I'm still very impressed.

Ken Armstrong said...

This morning (Sunday... not my best day) they look like they are singing 'Ma-nah, ma-nah' with the big dude on the left taking the lead. :)