Sunday, September 28, 2008

Did I just see what I think I saw?

In the country you see lots of things city folks don't. Deer. Raccoons. Foxes. Owls. Coyotes. You get the picture. I'm used to lots of birds zipping around out here; Blue birds, Cardinals, Black Capped Chickadees, Doves and my buddy the Mockingbird. Today we added a "where the heck did YOU come from?" bird.

A white pigeon. He's taken up residence on top of hubby's archery shop. I know, it's probably female but this little voice in my head said, "By George, I think that's a pigeon!". George.
Loves having his picture taken. Kept trying to turn his head so I'd get his good side.
Then again, maybe he was just keeping an eye on me.


Susan said...

Lovely--the photograph itself is so nice, with all the shades of grey and white.

We keep hens, and when we go to the city we call the pigeons there "city chickens". And they're EVERYWHERE.

hope said...

The weirdest thing is no one around us seems to have any pigeons...and I live out in the country!

I only know George shows up for a while, sits on the archery shop roof and hides at sunset. Maybe I'll get home early enough one day to see which direction he leaves in.

Poetikat said...

Hope, We had a similar experience a couple of summers ago. You can read about it (in poetry) here:

"Presto" is what we named our visitor.


Poetikat said...

Try googling the local pigeon fanciers club. Your "George" is probably a racing pigeon like ours proved to be. Does he have a band on his leg? Check for a number. Ours was C-518 We tracked down the owner and he gave us some instructions. After a few days, Presto went home.