Monday, August 4, 2008

Update for Dave

Well, I haven't seen any evidence of the bird nest hubby said Mama & Papa of the Rose Bush made, but the one in my aloe plant is now full. :)

I've never seen a bird go in or out of it. I waited a week after discovering the nest, then decided Saturday to give the plant a drink of water. I started to water and out of the corner of my eye I spied something small...and speckled and egg shaped. Yep, Mama Wren has laid 3 eggs, so I put down the watering can and backed away. I peeked yesterday afternoon, to make sure I hadn't made the nest a watery mess. She poked her head out of the dark recesses of the nest with that unmistakable challenge of, "Hey, I don't care how big you are, this is my house so get lost!"

I left her to raise her brood in peace...but if I get a chance to document without scaring anyone, I'll share it here.

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Dave King said...

I really do appreciate that. What a fantastic gesture. Thanks. I do so hope all goes well and you get three fine chicks,