Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Only on the Internet...

...can you sit at home, visit a live web cam of a bar in Scotland and hear an American cartoon character from South Park sing an Elton John song. Boggles the mind. :)


shug said...

which scottish bar are you lurking around? Don't think it's the Prancing pensioner. I would have seen you there.

hope said...

Belushi's Bar in Edinburgh. Ironic, since I don't drink. :)

The "comments" section is as lively as watching the patrons themselves. Everything from "supposedly haunted" [which might mean by not yet rusting drinkers]to the interesting interaction between humans who've forgotten there's a camera. Last time I checked in, actually saw a gentleman in a kilt...being mauled no doubt by an American tourist who was having her companion take their picture. No sweet young thing but old enough to be the man's grandmother.

The only complaint from the "virtual patrons" is that evidently while cleaning, someone hit the camera to an angle which makes those following soccer angry...can't see the t.v. any more. :)