Monday, August 25, 2008

Hysterical Cure for Olympic Withdrawal

Okay, the pomp and circumstance is over. I'm not a real big sports on television fan, but during the Olympics I found myself watching sports I NEVER watch, like Volleyball of all weird things. [I hated volleyball in school because I was good at serving but it bruised my hand, turning it 3 shades of purple and blue.] I admit turning the channel pretty quickly when it came to stuff like synchronized diving [that just seems strange], ping pong [no, it is NOT Table Tennis] and water polo, where it appeared okay to try and drown your opponent as long as you didn't get caught. When you did, you were sent to pout in a little square of rope in the adult time out.

Although little kid me missed seeing all those Russian weightlifters, which were fodder for childhood nightmares, a little Olympics goes a long way. I knew it had gotten to the point we'd watched too much of it when I promised myself to Google Greg Louganis. Why? Just to see if he really did resemble the fine specimen of man I remembered from back then... because I'm almost certain those pretty boys I watched on the 1o meter platform were really malnourished 12 years olds.

Then someone sent me a link to Paul Hunt and I laughed so hard, I actually went looking for more. Paul Hunt was a gymnast in the 1980s and went on to coach a women's team. Comedy and Balance Beam don't usually go hand in hand, but add a guy with a sense of humor willing to put on a girl's costume and hair bows....then comedy ensues. I know, it sounds weird. Trust me, watch it and not only will you laugh, but you might find yourself amazed at how difficult it is to pretend to be bad.

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