Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ah, the age old question of the incurably curious. Mom said once I learned to say it, I apparently became addicted. Today's "why" is part of the question, "Why do I bother to blog?"

Do I hope to entertain others?
[I certainly entertain myself when writing instead of tackling the dreaded chores of housework].

Am I trying to share, to give someone in another place a glimpse of my own backyard?
[Hubby thinks you should see the yard since he mowed it yesterday. It's 5 acres, which takes 3 hours of pruning].

Do I need a place to share my opinion, uninterrupted, so you can really see my point of view?
[Okay, I treasure the uninterrupted thing more than trying to change your mind].

Am I trying to find a common thread which weaves us all together into a blanket of humanity?
[ I've seen some blogs that scare the crap out of me].

So why do I bother, sitting here at the keyboard when there are a million other things screaming my name? It makes me think. And much to my surprise the oddest things come flying out of those mental boxes. Boxes I was just sure were covered with dust and stored in the back of my brain, pushed well past those labeled "Childhood."

One of my goals is to finish my family tree in a way that is more than "Mr. A. married Miss B. and they begat at least a dozen children". I want to be able to tell their stories, give them the lead roles as the characters they really were instead of who I hoped they'd be. My family often shakes their collective heads when I wax poetic about long dead relatives as if I'd seen them last week. What I don't add is that some of the "dead" ones are more interesting.

When I'm here, in my little universe of "WHY?", I discover family stories I thought were long forgotten. Often one simple word can be the key to the memory box. So whether I entertain or enrage those who stumble onto this page, at least I have a way to document those wisps of story that will one day disappear if no one takes the time to write it down.

And so I write on.


Rachel Fox said...

I think your blog answers lots of questions but I know what you mean about the thinking. I write a diary of my own (in a notebook) but the blog is something that I know others will (or might) read so I have to think a little more carefully about I choose what I'm going to write and I reread and make sure it's worth putting out into the world. Writing the blog has helped me think through some subjects that otherwise might have remained much murkier.

All those family stories of yours...getting ready to be in a big rambling tale (fictional or otherwise) maybe. A great big tome called 'Hope stories' or 'A little town called Hope' or something like that. Have you read Barbara Kingsolver's 'Prodigal Summer'? I'm thinking something...very loosely..along those lines..? What do you think?

Rachel Fox said...

'Prodigal Summer' is good but in fact my favourite book of hers is set in Africa (mainly) and is called 'The Poisonwood Bible'. I wrote about it on my blog back in April of this year...before you were reading maybe.
I'm sure your book would be its own entity anyway...just made me think of her...when you write about the farmhouse kitchen and all that (one of the characters in 'Prodigal Summer' is a farmer's widow). Mind you, those farmhouse kitchens make me think of 'Anne of Green Gables' too! And that's Canadian, isn't it?