Saturday, July 5, 2008

Two Down, Three to Go

Well, as I tiptoed down the back steps this morning I heard a sound. I took a quick peek 'cause I know Mama Bird is somewhere up in that Paper Birch staring at me. I don't know if she has the dive bombing skills of my favorite Mockingbird, but I don't care to find out.

Seems the two "uninvited" eggs have hatched. They're doing fine and are VERY vocal. I just hope Mama is able to hatch the three she actually built the nest for. Time will tell...then so will I.


Dave King said...

It's amazing that posts such as these, by someone not known to me personally, can be of such interest. I particularly enjoyed the nest building in your climbing rose.

hope said...

Thanks Dave! Isn't it interesting that the people you've never met up close and personal can be so much fun to visit? That's why I enjoy sharing time with you on your side of the pond via the internet.

Progress report: all have hatched. She is an Indigo Bunting and I've learned that Dad actually helps with the feeding. I'll try to get more pictures without bothering the family.