Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mother Nature plays by her own rules

We had the mother of all thunderstorms last night, with howling wind and enough lightning to power a small city. Sadly, when I went to check on the "new kids" in the backyard, they were all gone. Their nest was tipped at an angle which, on a man's hat is rakish or jaunty, but is just plain depressing after much wind and rain.

I know nature has its own balance but it's still hard to look harsh reality in the eye. On the upside, [and with a name like "hope" you know that's the road I'll take], hubby says it's possible the baby birds are alive. Because they were a couple of weeks old and their eyes were open, he says if they landed on their feet, their parents could have walked them to a safer spot. I'm keeping an eye out.

I guess I really take our state motto to heart.... "While I breathe, I hope."

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