Thursday, July 10, 2008

Meanwhile...out in the rose bush

As you can see, all five eggs hatched. The two "intruders" hatched first...they're the couple on the left with the red throats. The trio on the right, children of our Indigo Buntings, have orange throats.

So far everyone is playing nice and no one's been pushed out of the nest. However, it's a pretty tight fit, especially with the Red Throats being physically larger than the Orange Trio. I can't wait until they get some real feathers...right now they look like someone scalded them. Yikes!

They do, however, make the most lovely music together. And their parents, sitting watchfully in the tree above with dinner in their mouths, were kind enough to let me take the first family portrait. Hubby and I made sure to not outstay our welcome.

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