Monday, July 28, 2008

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Hubby just announced in passing that Mama and Papa bird of the Rose bush have built a new nest, in a much better location. The hydrangea they chose is sheltered by the house, is out of the wind and rain. I hope to peek soon and see if there are 3 eggs or more intruders. :)

We seem to attract birds. I just went outside to water my aloe plant [which is so huge it looks like it belongs in a desert!] and found a wren has built a nest there! Guess this old house is comforting to more than just hubby and me.


Dave King said...

I do so envy you: we have birds enough visit the garden, but they do NOT build nests with us. Do you have a secret. Your narratives are a good substitute.

hope said...

Wrens, God bless them, will build a nest anywhere. Before we got a new storm door for our enclosed back porch, a wren raised a brood in there. It was fun because I could look out the window into the porch and watch them. They hated when I came on the back porch to do laundry but learned to tolerate me. I watched their first flying lesson and laughed myself silly as the fattest little one landed on the rim of the container we keep dog food in...and tumbled into it. He was fine but Mama Bird kept calling for him and when she looked down, I swear she all but rolled her eyes. Ironically when they finally "flew the coop", the fat bird would come back and perch at the tree by that door. I think he liked eating dog food, as I saw him fly out of that container more than once after his initial fall.

The only birds "bother" me are the chimney swifts. At least once a year they manage to fly down an old chimney flue in our kitchen. The flue is blocked but they know how to knock the cover lose. Catching them to release them back outside is a comedy of errors.