Sunday, June 1, 2008

Of Sunday Drives in the Country

Thanks to high gas prices and a fast paced society, the southern Sunday Drive is a thing of the past. Most folks probably don't even remember piling into the family car on Sunday afternoon to go and visit...usually more family. Sometimes you'd get there and THAT family would pile in the car and you'd drive...sometimes with a destination, often without. I remember Sunday drives because my Granddaddy would always tease us by driving by a store with the world's best ice cream cones. He'd always stop and get us a cone on the way home, but it sure was hard to concentrate on the scenery when all you could think about was that ice cold treat on a hot, summer afternoon.

Living in the country, hubby and I have taken advantage of the nice weather...because soon it will be hot enough to melt asphalt and stay that way until September. To conserve gas we took his 4 wheeler and cruised down back country roads. Last weekend I saw coyote foot prints, flowers blooming in the oddest places and watched young turkey chicks scattering off the road and back into the woods as we rolled past. This week, I took the camera.

The best thing about this kind of Sunday Drive is you can stop, hop off the 4 wheeler and investigate. The first thing I saw was a huge, old satelite dish. The kind which was used to get a t.v. signal in the country. Only they appear large enough to contact bordering planets. And then I saw the cinder block house with its plumes of soot. This ancient fire seems to have started in the furnace and spread, turning a plastic t.v. into an art deco wonder.

But life has reclaimed it...from the dirt dobbers who built their own condos on the walls to that 6 foot rat snake that slithered by overhead.
And then there are the unexpected surprises which jump out at you when you least expect it, like the purplish pink puffs of wild onion blossoms on the woods' edge.
Or the truly unexpected, in the middle of nowhere.

Yep, a single gladiolus growing in the middle of the woods.

Take a Sunday Drive. Use your bike if you need to. No telling what you might see.

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