Monday, May 5, 2008

Quick! Save Me from Myself!

The joke at home, and at work, is that when I take my annual week off in May, it's the Home Improvement vacation. Not a May has gone by in several years now that we didn't have a project of some sort, from mere painting to the Big Project two years ago which included attic insulation, vinyl siding and a new roof. For that one I mostly wrote checks...but I did put in some sweat equity when we had to take the old siding off before the new stuff went on. This year I said, "No work! Relax. Play. Heck, DO NOTHING for a change." Saturday my husband had set up for the guy to put an alarm system in our house and his shop. While the Alarm Guy worked in one room, I made 10 copies of a photo slide show for my seniors citizens. Sunday we purchased and installed a new door on his shop. This morning, we re-painted the sign for his shop that belongs at the end of the driveway.

So much for plans.

When I was a kid, there was a program called "Whirlybirds". My Mom swore several years ago I'd simply imagined it as she didn't remember it at all. I was three when it originally aired but about 10 when the reruns hit. And I remember it clear as day. Two guys in a helicopter that were always rescuing people. Luckily for me, someone on the Internet remembered as well, which helped prove my point. So what's that got to do with being a workaholic on vacation?

The only episode I clearly recall of this program can be boiled down to the world's silliest plot point and 2 sentences of dialog. One of our heroes had been captured by bad guys while his partner was at the hanger. When the partner contacted Hero #2 on the radio and asked how things were, the man replied calmly, "Why, it's just like a day in May." The partner scowled, then yelled at the man standing right next to him, "Day in may? It's not May. Wait! He means May Day! He's in trouble!" And based on that highly technical conversation Hero #2 was saved, the bad guys went on to be bad on another t.v. series and all was right with the world.

I'm going to go sit and hide now. And if you hear me mention that it's "Just like a Day in May", I'm not commenting on the calendar. I need you to save me from making a Work Order list for the rest of the week.

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