Saturday, May 24, 2008

Howdy Y'all!

Wheat and corn fields. They're everywhere right now. Some folks look at them and see.....

...the labor of a group of workers classified as Farmers. Real farmers. The kind who get dirty and sweaty. Not the type owned by corporations trying to grow grant money.

...cereal before it hits the box. But this year, seed, fertilizer and diesel fuel will drive up the costs. Why?

...Ethanol being grown to replace gas. Only down side is, it impacts the price of everything else which grain touches. If an animal ate it or it's in a food product, you're going to pay more this year. A lot more by some estimates. One expert suggests we refocus that Ethanol solution on items like Sawgrass...which is easy to grow, practically drought resistant and doesn't take away from our food chain and therefore out wallets.

Me? I see my neighborhood.
Montana does not have the only claim on country big skies.

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