Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Country Courtesy

This morning I was reminded of why I don't mind my's mostly on back country roads. In town you have folks who tail gate, honk, show you their I.Q. utilizing one finger and drive like lunatics. If they're not ignoring traffic lights while gossiping on cell phones, they're impatiently squealing tires towards heightened road rage and/or coronary arrest. Gas prices are high enough without my fellow drivers making me more miserable.

This morning I zipped around the corner only to come face to face with a combine. A huge John Deere yellow and green number, it's tank was loaded and ready to spray the young corn fields. These machines appear enormous on the road, taking up their lane and yours... and sometimes a strip of grass along the highway. This is not a machine to play chicken with, even if you own a Hummer. Not that I'd even consider such a thing. Owning a Hummer or trying to run a Combine off the road. Color me chicken.

Best thing is, I didn't have to even think about it.

As soon as the farmer saw my car, he courteously pulled over to allow me to pass. He was going to work, same as I was, but he kindly gave up hogging his right of way and mine. I smiled up at him as I waved in thanks. He grinned ear to ear and waved back. This is the third time in the last week I've had one of these encounters. Different farmers, same response.

If someone is going to shoot me hand signals while I'm driving, I prefer the hand belong to a farmer.

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