Monday, April 28, 2008

Hey Weather go first

The first week in May, I'm taking a vacation. Not to some glamorous place. No, more of a mental vacation, where the goal is not to go to work and sleep late if you feel like it. I'm taking the kind of break where you leave your worries in your desk, lock the office door and don't look back...for at least a week.

After yesterday, I think the Weather Guy needs to ask for time off.

My husband is very fond of the local weather feature on our satellite dish. It allows him to check in any time during the 24 hours of a day to see the high temperature, which way the wind is blowing and when sunset occurs. This is very important to a guy who hunts. I rely more on the Doppler Radar picture than what the actual words say. The picture is often more accurate than the words. Take the comical 5 Day Forecast. They usually can't get it right for 5 hours in a row. Trying for groups of days is hysterical.

So yesterday when hubby called me to come look at the weather, I'll admit I rolled my eyes. The sun was shining, it was 80+ degrees and I knew from the rumbling in the distance a thunderstorm would visit in an hour or so. Hubby was pointing at the screen and...laughing. According to the Weather Guy, it was 64 and we could expect Light Snow at any moment. I actually shook my head, as if to clear it. I mumbled that maybe he didn't realize how far south we were from the current snow problem in Michigan. We popped in a movie, which was a good thing since the thunderstorm arrived, unannounced by Weather Guy, to block the satellite. Our dependable NOAA weather radio, however, kept us informed...before the storm was even close and then where it was headed.

After the movie, hubby checked back in. Our laughter was somewhat hysterical. The Weather Guy now had posted the low for the evening would be 62 and we could expect Light Snow turning to Rain by morning. When we went to bed several hours later, Weather Guy was still declaring we should prepare for snow and a low of 64. We have one of those clocks with the Indoor/Outdoor thermometer included. Checking it indicated it was a freezing 76 degrees in the house and a bone numbing 67 degrees outside.

Weather Guy, you need a vacation worse than I do. Here, I'll hold the door for you. I think the Weather Radio and the Clock can handle the job until you get back. I just hope your sunny skies aren't filled with snowflakes.

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Bonnie said...

Reminds me of the old joke up north about the guy who called into the weather man to let him know he had just shovelled 8 inches of partly cloudy off his front walk :-).