Monday, March 24, 2008

There's Your Sign

Today was one of those Mondays when even "Rewind" wouldn't have helped. Seemed like the more I did, the faster someone else snatched it out of my hand to take credit for it. By now, that shouldn't bother me. However, Mondays, pollen and ego crazed hierarchy aren't a good mix.

I took Boudreaux, our 4 yr. old Chocolate Lab, to work with me today and even he looked miserable at one point. Then again, he's never heard me verbally declare exactly what I thought quite that passionately before. And I wasn't smiling. He knows that's a bad sign. At one point, I offered to change places with him...he was sleeping on the sofa in my office, oblivious to the world.

On the way home I once again tortured myself with whether it's time to move on. At this point I'm pretty sure that I'll never come to love the pain of banging my head against a brick wall. I just need a sign, I grumped to myself on the way home. Some kind of sign to let me know what to do about my career. Has it peaked? Have I peaked?

Approaching my driveway at commutes end I muttered out loud,"What do I do? What has this job become to me?" Turning into my driveway, a new, bright yellow object flashed in the corner of my eye. Seems the Highway Department had my answer. The sign said....


I burst out laughing. Boudreaux looked confused but wagged his tail, just in case. Maybe tomorrow when the pollen headache is gone I can laugh at the insecurity of those above me that makes them react like children. If not, can't ask for a brighter answer to a question than that one.

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Bonnie said...

LMAO!!! boy when you get and answer to show me a sign you really get an answer!!! can't get any clearer than that!