Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fighting Back

How do you show pollen you have the upper hand?

You buy an Easter Egg Deep Pink Geranium to show you have no fear. Sneezes made while making the purchase don't count. The wind was blowing. And I was under a gazillion pine trees all covered in yellow pollen which were intent on changing my normal brown hair to that of a blonde. It was a quick purchase, therefore my hair remains it's boringly normal color.

I will however, cling to the one Old Wives Tale my Grandma drilled into my head as a child, "Never plant before Good Friday." Turns out it wasn't a religious belief but her garden knowledge that after that date, most of our Frosty southern mornings are gone. So the geranium is keeping me company next to the computer until Easter. Unless it makes me sneeze. Then it will snooze on the back porch until I feel safe to release it into the wilds of my backyard.

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