Saturday, March 15, 2008

Anyone Get the Number Of That Bus?

The one that hit me yesterday. Nasally speaking. I know it was yellow, because it's covering everything. I'm not a fan of spring because it brings pollen. My nose has decided pollen isn't just bad, it's evil and must be eradicated from my body using any means necessary. My body is a little over enthusiastic about it's job. Enthusiastic to the point I think it may be a covert operator for the CIA, given it's zeal in a desire to terminate with extreme prejudice. Then again, if you saw something like this invading you, you'd probably send everything you had to the front line of defense.

Deceptive. Yet even beneath the microscope's light it seems interesting.

Personally, I prefer it stay under the microscope and way from my nose. Oh the irony. The little trees are blooming and spreading their joy and I am contributing to the destruction of trees by the amount of tissue currently in use to turn off the water faucet that has become my nose.

Someone please go outside and enjoy Spring for me....then report back. In the meantime I'll go look for a new box of tissue.

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