Thursday, February 14, 2008

Have a LOVEly Day

Today is Hallmark's favorite day. The florist is grinning and the candy people are over the moon with joy. Funny thing is, I don't really need them to appreciate love.

Don't get me wrong. Cards and flowers and candy are nice. But to me the true meaning of love is those unexpected moments of wonder and surprise when you least expect them. Like last week, when I sent an e-mail card to a male friend who'd been ill. The man is a DJ and notorious for voicing an opinion on air about women going ga-ga over cards while men just don't get how a piece of paper can make a woman swoon. And yet this very same man sent me an e-mail thank you for...yep, sending him a card. It wasn't the card, it was the fact I was concerned about him. This in turn touched him and because he knows I love getting cards for no apparent reason, he sent one. It made me smile on a day that had been pretty crappy.

Love is a husband you met at age 16 and can still be surprised by almost 28 years later. And I would still rather have a hug from him, where I am safe from the world and it's ills, than all the roses in the world. In a world where people change partners like they do their socks, it's nice to know that Happily Ever After is possible. It's work. Hard work sometimes. But possible. And very satisfying.

Love is a spontaneous hug from a child, just because they're glad to see you. Yes, hugging was big in my family. Perhaps genetic. My maiden name was Huggins, which means "Son of Hugh". I wonder if the original Hugh was a hugger? My Mom, a retired kindergarten teacher, was called "Huggy" by her kids. We seem to reap a lot of pleasure out of the simple things in life.

Love is being cheered up by a friend contacting you just because they were thinking of you. My best friend from college, who lives miles away, seems to know when I'm having a bad day. When I open my e-mail, there she is with a funny card. She says we're linked because I do the same for her. Out of the blue.

Love is laughter and friends named for Birds who don't let you take yourself too seriously. Love can be poetic, a world away and unseen, yet still touch you in kind gestures from the heart. In honor of the Day of Love, I salute my favorite Scottish poet Shug and the cute weans he has added to this world. May they grow to be kind, generous and have their father's sense of humor.

Love, quite simply, is what makes you happy. I hope you find a large share of that today. Just make sure you store enough of it so Mondays are easy to face.

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Bonnie said...

I hope everyone finds their share of love everyday. And more importantly gives their share of love to others.