Monday, January 14, 2008

An Unpopular View...or are they just jealous?

On Jan. 15th I will mark one of those "milestone" birthdays and turn 50. I'm slightly amazed that it's gotten here so quickly, but I seem to be taking it a lot better than everyone else. No. Really.

I've gotten comments indicating my body will start falling apart at warp speed. This declaration often comes with a detailed explanation of when that party's body turned on him/her. The difference is, I tend to key in on the word, "party." To me, a birthday should be celebrated, no matter what your age. It's physical proof you've outwitted the world and it's elements [especially in a political year] once again. I consider it a victory. I've been told I'm wrong.

We'll see.

The thing is, I formed this opinion early...and I'm not talking about on my 49th birthday. When my Mom turned 50, I remember her being depressed for most of the day. And that was just for starters. When I finally asked why, she sighed in a depressed manner, "My life is half over!"

And therein lies the difference.

I think of all the things I've learned and all the things I STILL need to learn. Because if you ever lose that need to know, they might as well plant you in the ground now. There's a lot I haven't gotten around to yet and I'll need at least another 50 years to get it all done. Besides, I made my grandmother Memaw a deal that we'd both live to be 100. She got ill, but was only a month away from 98 when she died. I'm pretty sure with modern technology I'll make it. Living....not existing.

I believe the portion of longevity not lorded over by genetics is all attitude. Stay positive, stay active, stay alive longer and ENJOY life! I reminded my Mom, as she bemoaned the fact that I her eldest was almost 50 and she couldn't be old enough to have a child that age, that at 50 she went to college. And graduated. There is no statute of limitations on what a human is capable of based on age. Which is why I chuckled when my Mom-in-law gave me a card that read, "If life begins at 40, then you're only 10."

Probably explains why I still enjoy celebrating birthdays...CHOCOLATE CAKE.


Bonnie said...

Yep!! I am totally with you! Why people get depressed about getting older is a mystery to me. I will be 60 next month so we will both be reaching 'milestones' this year. Like you I will celebrate the fact I have lived a life packed full of adventures, trials and tribulations, and many times of jubilations. Life doesn't stop because another year is ticked off the calander. As long as I have the desire to keep learning, doing, and discovering new things I will consider each year a treasure. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

hope said...

Thanks! You I'll share birthday cake with. ;)