Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Tentative Step into the Future...once more

A new year. Again. Already. Wow!

I've already confessed that I gave up New Year's Resolutions at a tender age. Seems I was always 16 going on 35 anyway. My goal for this year is simple: to get it right.

Get what right? Everything. No, that's too much like self imposed stress. Something. Okay, that sounds like I have a plan. Anything. Okay, so my heart is in the right place I just don't know if the world will cooperate. My true goal is to merely do my best while neglecting my worry gene. Oh, and believing it's permissible to concentrate on just me. Occasionally.

I started today by doing a good deed for hubby by playing "take your kids to work day", meaning I brought the dogs to work because nothing is scheduled. Besides, our lovesick Romeo has been howling for over a week now, almost non-stop, because his beloved is in heat and the mean ol' people he lives with won't let him out....unattended. So instead of making hubby listen to what sounds like a grumpy old man huffing and puffing about not getting his way, I'm giving hubby's ears 8 hours of peace and quiet. And yes, there is much grumbling coming from beside my desk but when I play ball with him and his son, who is much less lovestruck, the world will be fine again. For all of us.

Now all I have to do is figure out what the human equivalent of playing ball is and I'm good to go.


Bonnie said...

so are the dogs enjoying their day at the office?

hope said...

The dogs did. They seemed especially fond of the trip home when a foot long beef jerky stick appeared for them to split. :)

And then we got home. I should have left one of the kids at home to keep an eye on hubby. Long story short, he had a physical altercation with his ATV. Good news is a big guy like him was able to push the machine off of him when he hit an unexpected obstacle...and it was still running when it lunged back for his head. The bad new is...he's not big enough to qualify for Superman. He probably tore his rotator cuff but isn't interested in a trip to the doctor. Yet.

I'd say Romeo better not even THINK of whining tonight. :)

Bonnie said...

Lord love a duck!! Can't leave that guy alone for a day! Reminded me of the time husband number two was using the riding lawn mower to haul some heavy rocks, in a big wagon. I'm in the house cleaning and hear this little voice in the distance - help!! help!! I look out and there he is on his back with the riding lawn mower, still running, looking up to the sky. I ran out - turned it off - and set it down. Luckily he wasn't hurt! and neither was I. Men!!!!! Now I'm not saying hubby number two was accident prone, but it got to the point when we walked in the emergency room they would say, Okay, Ralph, what did you do now?

hope said...

Would you believe that by the next morning, hubby's arm was back to normal?

I'm trying to be thrilled for him as I gimp by on my still healing knee. Well, the knee is okay but the muscles supporting it are still grumbling with me for my encounter with an evil mop bucket from the 1950s. Long story. Not pretty. Semi-funny. NOW. Funnier when I can walk like a kid my own age.