Thursday, January 31, 2008

Childhood Mischief Grows Into Good Deed

When I was a kid, we were only allowed to Trick or Treat on our street. At the last house, on the last Halloween I'd be deemed young enough to participate, we learned about the "Trick" part of the deal.

There were three of us: my 13 year old best friend from next door, 12 year old me and my 10 year old sister. At this last house, an obviously disgusted-to-be-stuck-with-handing-out-treats teenage boy opened the door and glared at us. We cheerfully sang out, "Trick or Treat!" to which he grinned evily and yelled, "Trick!" With that, he reached INTO our bags and took out as much candy as possible before slamming the door in our face. The two older of us were stunned. The little one was furious. Pounding on the door like a rabid Storm Trooper, when the teen opened the door she bellowed, "Give us back our candy!"

From the wry smile on his face, I'm pretty sure he had no plans to meet her demand. However, his mother heard the bellowing sibling and came rushing to the door. Before he could explain, little sis spit out the entire story like a well practiced attorney. Not only did he have to give the candy back, he had to double what we got from him. And then we had the added treat of hearing his Mom ground him for a week. As the tables turned and his weekend evaporated, he glared at us as my sister smiled at him so sweetly it's a wonder he didn't develop diabetes on the spot.

Segue to today. One of the senior citizens had contacted a local company about donating paint for our Dining Room, which is an awful Institutional Green in color. She told me the guy's name, which is a fairly common one, but it made me think of that Halloween years ago. When a very polite gray haired man walked into my office today to discuss the paint, I burst out laughing and said, "It IS you." Before I could shoot myself in the foot and ruin the deal, I merely offered that we'd lived on the same street. He was amazed it was me and began asking about my family. Before he left, the offer of paint, which would've been applied by Inmate help, had evolved to me picking out the color of my choice and letting his professional crew of painters do the work! Step One of reclaiming the Center has begun.

Sometimes an apology is a long time in coming...even if it's subconsciously motivated. :)

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Bonnie said...

LMAO!!! that is hysterical!!!