Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Birthday Follow-up

You know how you request something, often out of necessity, yet don't see the potential for humor until later? I did it to myself on my birthday. Twice.

My watch has been on its last leg and the time has come when a new battery no longer solves the problem for very long. I'd mentioned this before Christmas but when I got a laptop, I figured a new watch could wait a while longer. I have an "old fashion" watch with a second hand and the kids I work with like to have me time them in foot races. Hey, any kid in this day and age who'll actually run without the goal being food or a computer game, I'm all for it. I have a stop watch, but the kids like sitting around me and counting as the second hand ticks away. Any time I can make the mundane both educational and fun, I'll take it.

So for my birthday, hubby got me a new watch. And in his defense, he did add to my antique collection with a beautiful side by side cabinet. [Definition: think curio style glass doored cabinet on one side, a lady's writing desk and drawer space on the other.] The new watch has a link band which needs to be adjusted and since my wrist is one of the few things which hasn't um...expanded over the years, a couple of links need to be taken out. I was holding up my arm to show hubby exactly how many when I began giggling. He had that worried look of,"She SAYS being 50 doesn't bother her but what if she's starting to crack right now?"

I smiled at him and said in a sane tone, "Don't they give watches to people when they retire? Am I suppose to retire now that I'm 50?" He laughed, but encouraged me to continue working just as soon as I finish this week's vacation. After all, there's still four years of house payments ahead of us.

We went on and ate lunch out. As we exited to pay the bill, we had to go through a Gift Shop. Before I could say,"Do you see that?" hubby was pointing at the same wind chime. Remember, we live in a 124 year old farm house in the country, one with a front porch and rocking chairs. The wind chime topper was a rocker so similar to the ones on our front porch, we both reached for the box at the same time. I must say it has the most melodic tone...not that annoying, high pitched tinkling sound that some have which sets nerves on end and makes neighbors want to suggest where you could put it.

Some people will review the above and see that on my 50th birthday I got a watch and a rocking chair. I see a hubby who still understands me and what I like. I may not be the same 16 year old he fell for years ago, but we've grown up together. Time has been our friend.

And that may be the best gift of all.

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Bonnie said...

Awwwww!! sounds like a sweet time. But, no, it is not time to retire unless you're talking about your car :-).