Thursday, November 15, 2007

Truth in Advertising

While in the eternal hell waiting room we know as “HOLD”, do you ever feel like a business is trying to suck the life out of you? To make it worse, they bombard you with music not fit to be heard in an elevator. As today’s cheerful Customer Service Rep chirped, ”If you’ll just hold for a moment, I’ll check that for you”, I reminded myself that patience is a virtue. And it keeps your blood pressure down. Miss Cheerful’s voice disappeared, replaced by music. My ears and brain sort of whispered, “What the…?”

Remember the movie “Nosferatu”? One of the first vampire movies ever filmed, it features a scene where the Vampire is playing an organ. During it’s most ear grating and spine tingling musical moment, he whirls around to fiendishly glare at a woman who has just discovered her date isn’t Prince Charming.

Well, the fanged one was playing his song…while I sat captive on “HOLD”.

After the initial surprise of not being musically assaulted by The Captain and Tennille, I laughed. Which was really confusing to Miss Cheerful when she came back on the line and heard me giggling.

Hey, let her wonder. I always wonder what they’re doing while I’m staring at the phone. Now we’re even.

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Bonnie said...

As a former customer service rep I can tell you what I was doing while you were on hold...looking up your records, looking for the information you requested, or finding someone who could help.

Now what some of my co-workers were doing while talking to you and while you were on hold... playing solitaire! no joke! I sat next to a person who played solitaire most of the day and didn't even bother to bring up the screen for the customers. She did get fired, but I found it amazing she got away with it for so long.

now...hello, this is zephyrbird, how may I help you today? :-)