Monday, November 12, 2007

Country Critter

Sitting at my computer yesterday I heard a strange sound. In the country, sounds are both crystal clear and remarkably loud at times. This one was a savage, rhythmic chomping. An angry gnashing of metallic teeth which rattled the windows as it grew closer. Okay, so maybe I've read too much Stephen King this week. Since it was broad daylight, I peeked out the window. This is what I discovered.

Time to harvest the soy beans...which I jokingly refer to as "the ugly crop". A local farmer laughs at that, saying he sees money in the bank when looking at a bean field. I prefer the ripping waves of winter wheat or the summer fence of corn that blocks out all traffic noise.

I did feel a little sorry for the little red guy in rear of this picture...replaced by his new green brethren.
Guess that tractor now knows how the mule and his plow felt when being shown the barn for the final time.

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Bonnie said...

Yeah, I'm a Stephen King fan too, so would have had the same reaction. Great pics!