Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Look It Up...Part II

“Go Look It Up” it yells.
A sound I cannot silence.
My brain demands to be fed
more than three times a day.

I try to vary its intellectual intake
utilizing an array of information.
A cacophony of ideas for brain cells
which like to have its ears tickled as well.

I love the sound of words.
The way they dance and play.
How a slip of the tongue one day
might find its proper place the next.

Reader Me tries to literally hear an author speak.
Screamer, Storyteller, Whispering confidant.
The emotional dialect lies between the lines.
My job is to discover who is at play.

For me, words are a playground which I
climb around until I understand them all.
And when I’m stumped, I ask for help.
So Shug, dear poet, what the hell is “smurry”?


shug said...

A smur's akin tae a drow. Nae onding, nae jabble.

Liked your poem. Not cramboclink.

hope said...
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hope said...

[Because the author misspelled something and it wouldn't let me edit!]

*hope mutters to herself* "Where did I put that Scottish dictionary? And why does my brain keep repeating the phrase 'daft wumman'?"

Just when I think perhaps the definition is akin to "smirr", you're sending me on a new journey for a dictionary. I promise to look before I give up and ask my "local Scotswoman" to translate. She gets too big a kick out of me not knowing something. :)

I LOVED the "Baggage" poem. It made me smile on a not so great day. So tell me, Oh Great Scottish Poet, where does the Scottish Language Challenged purchase one of your 4 volumes of verse?

shug said...

A mere tyro, me.

You can get my stuff on Amazon, or from me, I suppose. That way I could write some gibberish on the cover.

I'm glad you have a pet Scotswoman. Everybody should have one.

hope said...

Okay, I'm still stuck on "cramboclink".

Methinks it's probably slang and I'll never find it on my own. Aren't writers tortured enough without turning on each other? :)

Bonnie said...

Smurry means drizzly. Anything else I can help you with. Smur is drizzle.

shug said...

Ah but what kind of drizzle?