Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ending a Business Relationship

I'm sure everyone in the world has a credit card story that set their teeth on edge and made others nod in agreement. Today was my turn and I severed our relationship with said company.


I will be kind and not mention the company in question, only their ridiculous policy. If you pay off a balance which you have had for more than month, the next month they show when that payment was posted, yet hit you with Finance Charges accrued in the time it took THEM to post your payment. How in the world they won any "Customer Service Awards" is beyond me...unless someone is getting a check.

With such a company, the easiest thing to do is cancel the account. And I did. But for once I stood up and pointed out they were the only credit card company I'd ever done business with who held to such a practice. Okay, so I've only had three credit cards in my life, but my credit record shows I've never made a late payment to anyone, which should mean something in this world of easy credit. I didn't yell or scream or call them bad names. I merely enclosed my card while advising my husband would cut his up when he came home that evening.

You know, my paper shredder does "cross shredding" so the pieces were really small. I imagine a confetti shower when they open the mail.

Was it petty? Perhaps even childish? Possibly. But I feel better. And you can't put a price on that...or a finance charge.

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