Monday, October 8, 2007

Culture Shock

In our small town, it's not unusual to see folks riding with a dog in the back of their truck or one in the car. It's the south. Okay, so I do get a little extra attention at the sight of our two chocolate labs hanging their heads out of opposite windows in the backseat. With all those ears flapping in the breeze, it's a wonder we don't take flight.

There is a section of town where my doggy duo and I draw the most stares, mostly cause the Brothers are walking their pitbulls down the sidewalk. I always think the pitbulls look jealous because my dogs have a chauffeur.

Due to my eclectic musical tastes, there's no telling what will be drifting through the windows of my car but I can always tell when it's a hit. Number one, it's never Country [with all due respect to that genre] so the Brothers usually nod in recognition as I pass by. I nod back. Occasionally it's music with a Latin beat and I've seen someone do an appreciative step or two as they stroll down the sidewalk. Sunday, I confounded all of them.

Imagine, if you will, a jeep driven by a small white woman with two large chocolate labs happily allowing the wind to blow through their ears. The light turns red. The music, a duet actually, has a lively beat and the driver is trying not to dance in her seat. When the light turns green, she slowly passes a group of pitbull walkers on the sidewalk. The unmistakable sound of Stevie Wonder on harmonica fills the air and one of the Brothers begins to nod with the tempo. And then Stevie, with his unique voice, begins to sing... Italian.

Looking in my rear view mirror I see a Brother's head snap around as he mouths, "What the?!?"

I grin in spite of myself. Wonder's duet is with Andrea Bocelli and the whole thing is in Italian. I sing along as my dogs nod at the pitbull. I think the pitbull nodded back. I do wonder, however, if the Brothers will ever be able to listen to Stevie again.

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Bonnie said...

LOL!! dogs with a chauffer :-). That's something cats object too. Cars and cats do not match. Taking mine to the vets for their annual shots they sing the blues.

We've got the end of the year,
Trip to vets,
Shots in the rear,
Howling and yowling blues.