Saturday, September 29, 2007

Country Moonlight

Okay, so I missed the proper full moon phase but I started vacation when the work day ended. Translation: I made time to wander outside and play with my camera. When you live in the country with no city lights, you get to see the most amazing things. The moon was so orange when I took this it looked like a pumpkin. Sadly that doesn't translate well here.

It's a shame you can't get the whole effect of this little photo shoot. The entire time I was outside playing in the dark, with trusty Dog #2 Boudreaux by my side, coyotes were howling in the distance. The longer I stayed outside, the closer the sound got. I could hear Boudreaux shifting closer as well. I wasn't sure if he was protecting me... or visa versa. So I tried out my "night vision" setting after the coyotes really began singing and this is what I got.

Can you say, "Mommy?!"


Bonnie said...

Awwwww!!! He's so cute!!!! The moon is very pretty, but Boudreaux is sooooo cute!!!!! I remember nights like that when I lived in VT. We lived in the middle of the National Forest, right off the Applachian Trail and at night we could stand outside and see every constellation in the sky and listen to the coydogs howling. As strange as it sounds those were the most peaceful nights. Later when they put a road in and put in a few more houses it was never the same.

hope said...

He may look "cute" but he weighs 105 lbs. and STILL tries to sit in my lap! :0