Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Sign of a Good Friend

I e-mailed a friend yesterday with a question about his sibling. I've known Bobby since first grade and was convinced he only had a younger sister. Then his brother began visiting my husband's archery shop. The first night hubby came in and said, "I don't know him, but since I knew you'd ask, I asked Bobby's brother for an update on Bobby."

Bobby's what?

For the next several months, brother has visited and I've yet to lay eyes on him. After hearing a description that sounded NOTHING like Bobby, I couldn't stand it any more so I e-mailed Bobby. Well, it sounded like a better choice than stalking someone in hubby's shop.

I had 2 questions, although the first was a three parter. Number one consisted of a mild interrogation along the lines of [a] why didn't I know you had a brother when I know you have a sister [b] is he that much younger than us [c] got a picture because hubby's description is odd.

The second question, I admit, was mischievous. "Do you know where you were 27 years ago tonight? I do. And that's your hint."

An hour later, Bobby replied. I could almost hear him laughing. He wasn't sure why I didn't know about baby bro but suspected it was because he's 6 years younger than us. And it appears hubby's description of a balding guy was correct, meaning they don't share much of a resemblance. Since Bobby is quite the photographer, and working on opening a studio, I was promised pictorial proof in the near future, pending bro's approval.

The second question made him ask the awestruck question, "How could it have been that long already?" Bobby was at our wedding and yesterday was our anniversary. In addition to wishing us a happy anniversary, he added that he looked forward to doing a portrait for us in the future.

I thought that was sweet. Not the photographic gesture. As good as he is, I hate having my picture taken so much I'd have to be shot with a tranquilizer dart first. No, I'm thankful that with all the changes time brings, the best part of Bobby never changed. He's always been a man of his word. No games, no twisting words so the end justifies the means. Just the plain, unvarnished yet politely shared truth. Whatever he says, I believe. Still. I hear sincerity in his written words just as clear as when we talked in college. I know him congratulating us wasn't just political correctness. Bobby probably doesn't realize it, but he's proof of my argument that some people never loose sight of their principles and ideals. They just get better with age.

I hope he's still around 27 years from now so I can ask him that question again.

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