Sunday, June 25, 2017

On Vacation...away from my desk

Well, the first week of "Staycation" it's rained the whole time, 
so all my "outdoor" plans have gone away.  
However, I do have a second week.  
In the meantime, 
I'm trying to not overdo on news/politics/opinionated people.  :) 

Have a good week y'all!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Still growing

Today he's 10 months old and 80 pounds.  
Still enthusiastic.  
Still stubborn.
And he still climbs on the couch 
to sit in my lap and lean against me.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Time to Remember

 My soldier friends have spent the week leading up to Memorial Day reminding folks this is NOT the time to thank them for their service but to remember those who have sacrificed.  Seeing this photo brought some memories rushing back...that of 12 year old me watching the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, seeing row upon row of graves at Arlington National Cemetery and being overwhelmed by it all.  I've shared this before, and I'm no poet, but the original challenge was to share an emotional experience in as few words as possible.  The number of words isn't important...the men and women who've served are. 


Five little girls.

Black and white.

Traveled in a van

With the undertaker’s wife.

Destination: Washington, DC.

Twelve years old.

Won a trip for helping folks.

Winning in the '70s…not a well known concept.

Especially at the end

Of the Vietnam War.

Arrived in the nation’s capital giggling.

Their accommodations:

A convent of nuns.

Quiet an experience

For 4 Baptists and a Latter Day Saint.

Their prize was a tour.

Their job to write it up.

Report back to the Principal

For a missed day of school.

The prize wasn’t what they expected.

Journeyed for fun.

Learned awkward lessons

Courtesy of Arlington Cemetery,

The Unknown Soldier and

the work of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Arlington Cemetery.

Eerily quiet.  Creepily Correct.

A mathematician’s symmetrical dream.

Precise angles wherever you looked.

Death done to perfection.

The Unknown Soldier.

Guarded by military precision.

Stony faces mirrored in a marble block.

How many guards pretended

To watch over a fallen buddy?

Four giggling girls

Raced for the van.

One stood with a lump in her throat

That felt as eternal

As the flame at her feet.

Quietly a soldier approached.

Silently laid a hand on the little girl’s shoulder

And stood reverently with her for one brief moment.

Funny…his touch

Reached all the way to my heart.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 more Outdoor T.V. for you

I can't decide if our baby boy Bourbon (8.5 months and 80+ lbs of muscle!) thinks he's a cat...or a mountain goat.  Hubby took these with his cell phone before I got up the other morning.

Bourbon finds the farming machinery across the road outside our front window fascinating. Guess he'll want a tractor next instead of a new chew toy.

The first one is funny but the second one scares me...there's nothing but air behind him! Hope he doesn't roll over in his sleep.


Friday, April 21, 2017

What the...?!

Yes, I posted this in the bathrooms at the Sr. Center because sometimes, it is more tactful to preach to the choir.  Truth is, only one gentleman refuses to flush...and it's not pretty.

Well, the sign worked (for him) for one week.  Now we're back to me wanting to wring his neck because he's an adult, not a child who can't reach the handle.  The man doesn't have any physical ailments (or mental ones, unless you count an attitude) so short of walking up to him and asking if he has a phobia of toilet handles, I'm at a loss.

Suggestions?  Hubby had a couple but I'm not brave (or angry enough) yet to try them.

Otherwise, have a wonderful, stress free weekend!

Friday, April 7, 2017


I stopped at a different gas station today to fill up. Their pumps have one of those "modern" screens which plays 30 second video clips.  Do people really need to be entertained while filling their tank?

I glanced at the screen in an effort to ignore the wind trying to burrow its way through me.  It showed, "Word of the day".  Okay, I'm all for expanding my vocabulary.  The word was "gimcrack".  Pronounced "jim krak", it was defined as,"a cheap and showy ornament. A knickknack." 

This was followed by a video of... Kanye West.

I was laughing too hard to see what came next, although it was probably a special on sodas inside the building.  

Thanks gas pump, whoever thought you'd give me the giggles?

Saturday, April 1, 2017

You Can't Keep A Good Old Gal Down

Yep, yesterday the Old Gal stood up.  What?  You didn't hear me yelling as I came home, "She's alive!"

Someone asked Hubby why we didn't just take a chainsaw to her and the other two pecan trees (which are also upright and staked).  He told me his reply was, "The things you do for the love of a woman."  He explained that I was so heartbroken, he was going to do everything in his power to try and get our old friend upright once more.  And in the mode of "It Takes a Village", a lot of folks have contributed to that shining moment.  

If anyone ever doubted what a good man Hubby is, the Old Gal stands in silent tribute to what a big heart looks like. I wouldn't trade him for anything.

So I'm on my way to get her a good meal of fertilizer to encourage her to dig deep and hold on.  She's already budding out...a good sign for someone whose been lying on her side since October.  She won't retain her former glory in my lifetime (after all, she's well over 200 years old), but seeing her stand proud once more makes my heart sing.

Hubby did it for the love of a woman.  I'm pretty sure he meant me.  But I have a feeling, he meant her too.