Saturday, March 11, 2017

Not Much To Say....or Report

As the world gets louder (and often ruder) I find myself getting quieter.  It's as if the sound of silence is a vacation from reality.

So, in no particular order:

Hubby survived his birthday, in spite of shaking his head and mumbling, "60? 60! 60?!"

Bourbon the Enthusiastic now weighs in at 71+ pounds at not quite 7 months old.  Still mischievous, prone to take stuff not belonging to him and quick on his feet.  Oh but when he curls up on the couch next to me for a puppy nap, it's all easy to forgive.

Pollen 99.....hope 1 (and itchy).  Spring like weather all week, now cold front with rain/possible snow visiting on Sunday.  As if that stupid Daylight Saving Time "spring forward" wasn't enough.

Heard a radio program concerning Lent and 2 college students: one Catholic, one Jewish.  While having the concept of giving something up for Lent explained to him, the Jewish roomie stated he didn't believe his Catholic friend was actually really giving up anything he cherished.  So Roommate C. allowed Roommate J. to chose what was to be given up.  Year one, J chose "oregano" and C. laughed.  Until he remember that he loved Italian food and Pizza.  Not only did they follow this routine for 4 years of college, 25 years later, J. still calls C. to advise what he needs to give up.  It's always so seemingly innocent until the bigger picture is seen: yeast (no beer/bread), corn syrup (goodbye sodas), sugar.....  C. and J. are not only good friends, they learned from one another about what's important in life.  C. claimed the only thing he wouldn't give J.

Remember our huge pecan tree, the Old Gal?  Hope springs eternal at our house and progress was made in sinking deep anchors into the ground today in hopes of pulling 3 trees back upright.  All are alive...and buds are trying to push out.  Just have to weed out the procrastinating, well meaning folks and find more like the guy this morning who said he'd be here and he was.

Hope you have a Happy Weekend in your neck of the woods.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Once upon a time, a 17 year old boy swept 16 year old me off my feet.  Years, later, he's still taking me on adventures.  His hair may have turned silver, but that boy is the best thing that ever happened to me.
Today he has one of those "milestone" birthdays...60.   He doesn't like the number,  but I can't imagine a world without him.  In the photo, we're about to go to his parents' 25th Anniversary vow renewal.  I remember him telling me renewals were silly...after all, if you're married, why stand up and do it again?  I agreed and promised him when got married we wouldn't need a "renewal" because we were going to do it right the first time.  I added we had a 100 year contract and if, at the ripe old age of 123 he wanted to dump me, I'd understand.  He smiled.  Hey, we're only 37 years into that contract.

Happy Birthday Big Guy....I look forward to many more adventures with you. 


Friday, February 17, 2017

Two Words

Okay, I’ve been patient.  I’ve tried to take the high road and sidestep arguments I don’t want to get into with people I like.  After all, everyone is entitled to an opinion.  I’m just not big on jamming mine down someone else’s throat.  So I tend to turn inward, (usually mumbling, “Not my circus, not my clowns”).  Recently I attempted to head off a potential argument (you never want to get into a war of words with a senior citizen armed with zeal), by stating I’d give the man a chance to prove me wrong. Yet I keep hearing Michelle Obama’s, “When they go low, we go high” ringing in my ears.  I keep hoping the storm will pass and we all survive.
Well, it’s time to put on the waders…because this crap has gotten deep.
A wise man once told me, “The problem with stepping in crap is the more you move around, the more it stinks.”  I agree.  But I can’t take it anymore.  It feels as if my head is going to explode.  I find myself either avoiding the news or huffing in disbelief, ”Are you kidding me?!  Seriously?!”  So in my role as “the Kid” in the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, I have two words for he who believes himself king:
Grow up.
It shouldn’t be necessary to point out that hissy fits via Twitter are unbecoming to ANYONE in a position of power.  We’re all aware “you won!” …as well as who didn’t.  Real adults know when to let things go and move on.   Being viewed by the world, not as the leader of a great country (we knew that word before you claimed it, you know) but as a spoiled, rich brat who yells louder when he doesn’t get his way isn’t… well….great. Repeating the same lies over and over doesn’t make them true. Even a five year old knows that.  The problem is, for all you have, you don’t know how to be a true public servant. That’s what your job is, you know.  Serving others.
Let me help. I am a public servant.  I’ve worked in local government, serving my community, for almost 30 years.  Even with a college degree, my annual salary is probably what you spend on a fancy dinner…or a couple of rounds of golf.  I’m the Director of a facility…and the entire staff.  On Tuesdays I cook lunch…one that I planned, shopped for and served.  On Friday, I’m the janitor, cleaning toilets and taking out the trash.  Hell, I even take home our kitchen laundry once a month.  I’m part of a mandatory retirement system I didn’t choose, which allowed the public to vote that it was okay for the state to invest my money.  There have been some lousy investments, leaving my state representatives complaining that I, as an employee, need to pay more into the system.  (Because they’re paying out $3 billion a year and only taking in $2 billion a year…and somehow that’s my fault).  My 3% cost of living raise is eaten up by the increase in my only “perk”…health insurance.  In a few months, my retirement contribution will rise to 9% that disappears from my paycheck before it’s written.  I’m pretty sure if I make it to retirement; I might be working for free. 
And yet I stay.  Why?  To make a difference in the lives of those who came before me.  To offer an option for those tax dollars which pay my salary.  To encourage a sense of community in a world spinning out of control.  Do you know how my facility is viewed by those who use it?  As a “home away from home. Where somebody cares.”
I may not be rich or (in)famous, but I am somebody.  And there are more of us than your favorite polls describe.  If I could offer advice to someone not interested in it, I’d tell you….
…suck it up, Buttercup.  Life is hard.  You won’t always win.  My bank account may be skinny, but I have common sense, a working moral compass and a sense of humor.  Honestly, I think I’m richer than you.  And I know a lie when I hear one.
Just remember, you’re living in OUR house.  And we expect our guests to show some class and respect while on the premises.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Oh Honestly

To be honest, I've been taking the high road lately by utilizing a vow of silence because the state of America currently is not to my liking.  It's not the America I grew up in, where people were given the benefit of the doubt until they proved otherwise.  Where you knew your neighbors and everyone helped each other.  Where your friend's Mama could reprimand you before sending you home, where YOUR Mom already knew what had transpired by the time you arrived.  Where there were adults to look up to and admire for the wisdom they'd gained over the years through trial and error.  You know, before Twitter dumbed us down to spouting short sentences on complex subjects...with or without knowing what the hell we're talking about.

Yes my vote counted...but not the way I hoped.  And as a former Director of Elections, don't even get me started on voter fraud.  Actual cases of fraud are few and far between.  Are there dead people on poll lists?  Sure, because those lists are only purged every two years and people have the audacity to die during that time.  No one is automatically sent a ballot.  Even the dearly departed.


So, until I can figure out a way to help aid change productively, I've been quiet. At one point I even thought, "There aren't enough hours in the day as it is!  I work, I do Hubby's books and I'm the catchall 'Girl Friday' for our charity.  In my spare time, I sleep."

And then I saw this:

I stand corrected.  So as soon as I come up with a plan to save America, I'll let you know.  In the meantime...enjoy your day.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

And then he said...

"You need to watch something other than the news for a while.
I know.
How about a good game of fetch outside?
Promise not to hit you in the mouth this time."

 Who needs a Shrink when they have a dog?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Some People Never Grow Up

Okay, so I quit physically growing upward at the age of 12...
( we won't discuss "outward")
which is why I tell people I'll never grow up.  

Truth is, my plan is to never grow old.

Exhibit A:  Mom gave me a gift card to a local store 
and what was one of the "adult" things I purchased?  
This set of towels.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes...y'all are the best!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

I'm Still Here...somewhere

First, Happy New Year...a little late.  
You see, I'm on vacation.  

I did suggest this year, 
since neither of us needed any new toys and the Puppy has plenty, 
that instead of Christmas gifts for each other, 
we go ahead and replace our 20 year old carpet with vinyl flooring.  
That means the Dining Room and Hall get a facelift and
my sinuses will not miss having carpet.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

After moving two rooms of furniture into "other" places in the house, 
Hubby and I pulled up the carpet and padding...
and made the requisite trip to the dump. 
Then while he pried those danged spiked carpet strips up,
I sat on the floor removing staples from what appears to be 1930s linoleum.

That was week one.

Today, after waiting for 4 days, the Flooring guys are here.  
So currently there are pieces of furniture stacked all over the house,
including all the contents of a china hutch, pie safe, and 2 bookcases. 
I'm "secluded" in my office because I have no access 
to the "middle" of my house...
if I want something from the kitchen, it's out the front door, 
around the house to the kitchen door.  Then repeat.

I'll share the photos when we're done.
Because Mr. Fix-it Hubby has decided that WE will 
do the molding trim work instead of the flooring guys.
That means I'll have just enough vacation left to
get the furniture and it's contents back in place 
before I return to work on Jan. 9th.

That is if Ponita keeps the door shut in Canada.
It's been like Spring here all week but Friday, a cold
front approaches with a chance of snow.

I don't know about you
but Mother Nature has been a little grumpy lately.
After a 1000 year flood in 2015 and 2 hurricanes in 2016,
I'm not sure I want any "snow flurries".....
she's liable to bury us in 3 feet of snow.
Remember, this is the South.
3 inches of snow can bring us to an abrupt halt.

Thinking good thoughts....
and sending them your way.